Recommended Products

Dog Leash/Collar

  • Found My Animal - We love their accessories, especially their adjustable and durable leashes. Found My Animal has a mission of saving animals and promoting animal adoption.  Each leash has an individually-numbered tag, which represents the number of animals they have helped.  Use code "HAPPYPUPPY" at for 20% off Found gear.

Dog Carrier

  • K9 Sport Sack - Outdoor adventures will never be the same! We love utilizing the "Sport Sack AIR" for biking along the beach or when we take our pups hiking. Use code "HappyPuppyLA10" directly at for 10% off your order.
  • Sleepypod - We find this versatile carrier very useful, especially for puppies.  It's a pet bed, pet carrier and pet car seat - all in one. It has a plush, washable base for your pup that is easy to clean.

Car Seatbelt Adapter

  • Good2Go - This is an easy-click seatbelt adapter to keep your pup safe and comfortable while in the car.

Dog Food

  • Zignature Limited Ingredient Turkey - Zignature provides high-quality, limited ingredient food. Their recipes are free of the most common potential canine allergens so it’s a great option for dogs with food sensitivities and allergies.
    • Get it from Chewy
    • Get it from Amazon

Dog Harness

  • Easy Walk Harness - This is a great training tool to utilize  if your dog pulls on leash. The deluxe version can reduce chafing.
  • Freedom Harness
    • Get it from Amazon

Dog Toys

  • Benebone - Wishbone Dog Chew Toy (flavors include Peanut Butter, Bacon, Chicken).  These bones are great for dogs with mature teeth.
    • Get it from Amazon
  • Tuffy Squid Dog Toy - This is a tough Squid to destroy! Dogs love to play fetch and tug-of-war with this toy. It comes in various sizes and colors.

We know selecting the appropriate items for your dog can be overwhelming.  If you have a new puppy, we offer customized Puppy Packages.  Our Puppy Package includes items that are helpful for when you first bring your puppy home all the way through their developmental stages.  We provide recommendations for food, appropriate toys, equipment, and structural items that will help create a safe environment for your puppy. You will have the option to pick and choose the items you need.  Please contact us at [email protected] if you'd like more information!


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Recommended Products

We also are happy to provide basic recommendations below. These are tried-and-tested items in various categories that we use for our own personal dogs and the dogs in our care.  Click on the underlined affiliate link and you will be directed to more details and the ability to purchase. We do our best to stay up-to-date on leading products and when we can, we pass along exclusive discounts to you!


*Please note these are just general recommendations; if you have a specific circumstance or would like more details on the suggested items, please contact us.  

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