In-Home Private Training

Let us come to your home and see the environment you and your dog share. This will set you up for success as we are able to address each issue in a personalized manner. In the session(s), we can go over basic obedience, potty training, behavior issues and how to set up the proper living environment for your new dog or puppy.

Happy Puppy L.A. dog training specializes in puppy training and puppy development.
  • 3 Sessions - SAVE 10%
  • 6 Sessions - SAVE 15%
  • 9 Sessions - SAVE 20%

“Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend.”


As an Animal Behavior Specialist, Eric Wiese has over 15 years experience offering in-home private training, canine behavior consulting for veterinary practices, and training for veterinary staff in the Los Angeles area.

Eric has worked with dogs and exotic animals alike in commercials, television and film. As the owner of Happy Puppy L.A., Eric specializes in puppy development and behavior modification.  Happy Puppy L.A. only uses positive reinforcement methods and works with what motivates dogs without using fear tactics or psychologically intimidating them. Motivation could be a range of different stimuli, including treats/food, physical praise, toys, etc.

90 minute session - $199

Contact us:  [email protected]  |  (424) 355-2784

New clients: 1st phone consultation

15 minute phone consultation - complementary


Existing clients:  Do you need a follow up to a previous session? Do you have questions or concerns that don't necessarily require a trainer to come in home? If so, we are happy to offer phone consultations to help you with any questions you may have.  See our phone consultation rate below.

30 minute phone consultation - $50




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Dog Training

Board & Train

Our board & train service is designed for puppies and is our most personalized service.  We discuss your training goals in advance and provide regular, personalized video updates and tutorials throughout the stay.

Please note - we have limited availability and only provide this service on a case by case basis. We are unable to accommodate last minute requests. Please contact us in advance for availability.

Board & Train  - $299/ calendar day

IAABC certified dog trainer