Dog Training

In-Home Private Training

Let us come to your home and see the environment you and your dog share. This will set you up for success as we are able to address each issue in a personalized manner. In the session(s), we can go over basic obedience, potty training, behavior issues and/or how to set up the proper living environment for your new dog or puppy.

Dog Training


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  • 3 Sessions SAVE 10%
  • 6 Sessions SAVE 15%
  • 9 Sessions SAVE 20‍‍‍%

At Happy Puppy L.A., we only use positive reinforcement methods and work with what motivates dogs without using fear tactics or psychologically intimidating them. Motivation could be a range of different stimuli, including treats/food, physical praise, toys, etc.

90 minute session - $249*  

Contact us:  [email protected]  |  310-855-4544

*currently not taking on new clients*‍‍‍‍‍‍

*effective April 1, 2018